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Were you excited when you started your business but now you're...

  • Feeling like you should be further along than you are?
  • Feeling like you're hustling without moving forward?
  • Having business partners quitting on you?
  • Having a hard time juggling all the balls?
  • Feeling lost?  

THEN, you share your concerns with your mentor and they tell you you're doing it all wrong!

They give you an exact Recipe to be successful, you start spending the time trying to do it "Their Way" but you still aren't creating any traction.

You're still having a hard time getting clients and growing your biz.

Maybe you have even lost your JOY and you’re feeling like an employee of your own life!  

Then you spend TONS of money trying to figure out what’s wrong with you (because it must be you!) Girl, we have done ALL.THE.THINGS!

Here’s the thing...

Quit trying to be someone else! We realized we weren’t the same as our mentor and neither are you! It wasn’t until we truly started leading in a way that aligned with our unique styles that we started to see results.  

At about three years into building our business, we felt - STUCK!

The problem was, we were trying to be somebody we weren’t. 

We were watching “successful” people and trying to mimic exactly what they did. We were diving into personal development and trying to become someone else. 

We got to a point where our business was not fun at all. Our joy and passion was gone. 

In order for us to get that BLISS back – something needed to change. That shift didn’t happen until we recognized that we were uniquely talented. 

We had strengths and styles all our own and when we stepped into those and understood how we could create and build our business in our own authentic way, that’s when we were able to find the BLISS again!

We're ready to share all of what we've discovered with you!


Learn how to utilize your unique Business Style. (we have lots more info to share with you!)

Learn to work with that person that you just don't understand! Guess what, they probably have a different Business Style...

Take Action! You have to have a plan. We will help you set some 90-day goals incorporating your unique business style and creating BLISS!

It's here...The lifeline you’re looking for…. 


The Living Your Bliss Mini Course will help you build the business and life your soul came here to create.  

So if you took the Quiz and said, whoa…they have my business style pegged (and I need more!) Well, sister, this course is for you!  

In this course we will help you navigate the results of your quiz and give you even more resources for your toolkit! Whether you are a Tribe Member, Planner, Hustler, or Trailblazer, we guarantee at some point you will be working with one of these four business styles!  

What's Included

Video Lessons

Watch and learn! Download your workbooks and grab your favorite bev to join us for more insight we have to share.


These gorgeous tools will give you the steps you need for implementation. Start taking action!


Continued email support, guidance, and discounts on additional Courses and Memberships!  

Normal price: $69  

Your price: $19 (for a limited time)  

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Here's what we'll be teaching...


Biz Style Deep Dive!

Part One is where we go deeper into all 4 Business Styles. You'll learn all the ways to lean into your biz style, what to watch out for, AND how to help others. 


Expand Your Leadership!

Part Two will help you hone your leadership skills by helping others utilize their own business styles. Understanding others behaviors and modes of operation, will not only help you grow your business, it will also help you become a coaching ninja!


Take Action!

Part Three helps you put everything you learned into action. Mapping out a 90-Day plan for your biz and helping you stay on track with your goals! 

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